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Ariana Television Network (ATN)
ATN provides original content that helps re-kindle Afghan traditions and culture,as well as English-language and international programming.

Herai TV
Herai-tv's purpose is to support that process and to provide educational services to the underprivileged using the means of television broadcasts.

KABOORA is the award nominated and largest television production house in Afghanistan.

Kandahar TV
Official website of Kandahar TV. Provides programming in Pashto.

Khorasan TV
Khorasan TV is a free to air television network. It was founded by Hamid Qaderi. Provides both Farsi and Pashto programming.

Lemar TV
Lemar TV (meaning "Sun TV" in the Pashto language) is a television station in Afghanistan, which was founded in 2006. The channel broadcasts news, shows, and entertaining programs to certain parts of the country.

Shamshad TV
Shamshad TV is a satellite television station in Afghanistan, which was launched in early 2006. It transmits hourly news, and programs in current affairs, entertainment , politics , sports and criminal incidents.

Tolo TV
Tolo TV was launched in October 2004, becoming one of the first commercial television stations to operate in Afghanistan.